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What is

what is direct primary care?

our definition:

Do you want to experience a simplified health care system that suits your current lifestyle? Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an exciting, new model that utilizes all forms of technology to make your life much easier. Hampton Medical DPC is a Direct Primary Care practice located in Altoona, PA. This particular model emphasizes the patient-physician relationship and allows you to develop a personal connection with your physician. It is like having a doctor as a member of the family! Our practice utilizes 21st century technology and is an innovative approach to Family Medicine. For a low, affordable monthly fee we offer all services  found in primary care.This model allows us to have fewer patients and therefore we can offer time-saving and cost-effective care. This is a membership model that removes insurance companies. This allows us to offer discounts on labs, medications, and imaging. We do not bill your insurance. These services are coupled with superior access and optimal treatment of chronic conditions while saving you money and time. We have transparent medical costs and most of our plans enable our patients to actually save money. 

why choose direct primary care?

why dpc:

At Hampton DPC, we have envisioned a progressive model to provide all encompassing care to our patients. We are an independent medical practice and the care of our patients is conducted without the time constraint of the current insurance-based model. This is the way Family Medicine used to be practiced, prior to the insurance companies dictating how many patients we need to see per day to remain viable. Traditional practices see up to 30 patients per day while the DPC Model is limited to approximately 10 patients per day. This allows us to spend more time with patients. Our mission statement at Hampton Medical DPC reflects this progressive model; Family Medicine — Made Simple. This equates to a relaxed environment where the patient can dictate how long they spend with the physician, not the other way around (we offer 30 minute and one hour appointments). There are a significant number of benefits within this model. We believe the top three distinguishing factors are access, time, and value. Now we can discuss HOW the Direct Primary Care model can benefit you.

how can this benefit you?

lets think:


  • 24/7 access to your physician via cell phone, text, email, or app.
    • Emergency after hours appointments available (Subject to provider availability)

    • Same or next day appointments; availability to schedule online.

    • Small practice size (capped at ~ 700 patients)

    • 30-60 minute visits; plenty of time to discuss ALL issues.

    • Telemedicine visits available via video conferencing or our app

    • Home and office visits ( Subject to provider availability)


  •   Minimal time spent waiting for the doctor

    • ​Streamlined appointment process using web based APP.

    • In-House medication refills on most generic medications at cost

    • Ability to avoid an office visit for minor issues

    • Extended visits allow for more preventative care

    • If we can safely save you time then we will do so


  •    Transparent pricing with in office procedures included

    •  Unlimited Office visits without a copay

    •  Additional office visits free of charge

    •  In-House pharmacy at wholesale prices (over 80-95% savings)

    •  Discounted labs and diagnostic imaging 

    •  Most patients save enough on the above to cover the annual cost      of membership

    •  Long term value of preventative health care including nutritional   counseling with a functional medicine approach

    • Optimization of chronic medical conditions with an integrative        approach to health and wellness

    • A patient centered model with direct access to your physician

Why Choose
How can
When to

when to choose direct primary care

now's the time:

The best time to choose this model is RIGHT NOW. It is the beginning of the 21st century and every aspect of our lives has changed as a result of technology. Why did the process of going to the doctor remain stagnant? Direct Primary Care (DPC) utilizes all forms of technology to make interactions with your Physician as simple as checking an app on your phone. We realize that situations arise when going to the physician is less than optimal. This is where the model of direct primary care fits perfectly. Call, text, or email us anytime. Ideally, we can have a conversation that results in reassurance and a prescription if indicated. We can provide generic medications right out of our office. The point of Direct Primary Care is to give you optimal technology based access while saving you time and money. Physicians within this model are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  

This is the time to choose a different way of going to the doctor.                     

This is the time to go to a physician that embraces this new form of healthcare.

This is how we truly believe Family Medicine should be -- SIMPLE...

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