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Health care For Employers

  Direct Primary Care (DPC) can benefit your workforce!


              This model is very beneficial to a small company. Hampton Medical DPC can take care of up to 80% of the primary care needs of your workforce. Insurance coverage is not a requirement of our model. Although, our model works best when paired with a high deductible insurance plan. Small companies that fall beneath the ACA mandate have found significant gain in establishing a DPC relationship. Hampton Medical Direct Primary Care is ACA-compliant when paired with wraparound insurance that covers catastrophic care and meets requirements specified by health care law. Selecting a higher deductible (HD) plan is typically far less expensive than choosing traditional insurance with a lower deductible plan. This combination — a DPC plan such as Hampton Medical DPC plus HD wraparound coverage — is making headlines nationwide as an attractive, affordable option to control ever-increasing healthcare costs while improving patient experience and outcomes.


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              Our goal at Hampton Medical DPC is to save the company time, provide superior access to the employee, and extend value to the whole company. We believe this is how care should be. We live by our motto: Family Medicine — Made Simple. Removing the insurance company from the equation allows us to save time for both the employee and the company. We also offer discounts on medications and lab testing. Our in house pharmacy can dispense generic meds at up to 90% savings and we have negotiated reduced lab fees with a local lab . Access, time, and value are just a few of the advantages to joining the DPC model. It reduces absenteeism and presenteeism. Improving employee engagement leads to higher job satisfaction. All of this leads to higher employee morale and improvements in productivity.

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       Call us today and we can customize a plan for your company. Options include providing the entire monthly payment or just a percentage of the monthly fee. We can also take care of the family of the employee; this has also been proven to be beneficial to the entire company. Registration fees are waived when the company signs up for an entire year. Please contact us today and we can provide you with a free, no obligation analysis of your current (or future) health benefits’ plan.


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